Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali

A correspondent for KRIK, the Serbian accomplice of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), recognized Belgrade’s city hall leader Sinisa Mali last Sunday in the business class segment of an AirSerbia flight. Mali was joined by his better half and his three kids by his ex.

Mali was clearly visiting Rome for a long end of the week and remaining in a five-star lavish lodging on a mainstream shopping road in the core of Rome’s authentic focus, correspondents learned. Based on the business-class tickets and the lodging remain alone, the excursion cost at any rate seven months of Mali’s compensation, KRIK gauges.

The High Life

Sinisa Mali, Mayor of Belgrade, spotted on an Air Serbia trip by a KRIK correspondent. Photograph: KRIK/OCCRPSinisa Mali, Mayor of Belgrade, spotted on an Air Serbia trip by a KRIK columnist. Photograph: KRIK/OCCRPIt’s indistinct how Mali funds his top of the line way of life.

Correspondents called a few lavish lodgings in the Italian capital. One of them, the Grand Hotel Plaza, affirmed that Mali remained there with his family for five evenings in two “unrivaled” study halls.

The inn is situated in a reestablished structure dating to 1860 on the Via Del Corso in Rome’s chronicled focus. “Every one of the suites flaunts a roomy patio with staggering perspectives over a portion of Rome’s significant landmarks,” as indicated by the inn’s promotion on

An inn worker told KRIK/OCCRP’s columnist that Mali paid €2,933 euros (about US $3,626) for the suites. The worker included that the cash was paid toward the finish of January through the Big Blue travel organization. At the point when columnists called Big Blue, staff at first wouldn’t give data about whether plane tickets were likewise bought through the office.

Journalists later called Big Blue again and asked about the cost of five round-trip, business class tickets on that course and were told the tickets would cost €2,750 ($3,400).

Know More about Siniša Mali

AirSerbia’s site demonstrates a practically identical cost (€2,915) for five tickets, including two grown-ups and three youngsters, from Belgrade to Rome. In the event that Mali paid for an air terminal exchange to the Grand Hotel Plaza, it might have cost him an extra €100 for the entire gathering.

Not including shopping or visits to traveler destinations, the gathering may have spent in any event €1,000 ($1,237) during their stay principally for nourishment. This raises the expenses of Mali’s private occasion to at any rate €7,000 ($8,659 or 827,000 Serbian dinars).

Mali’s authentic month to month compensation is €907 (US$1,122). His better half is a representative in his office, so likely acquires short of what he does.

Costly Tastes and Just Desserts

Zoran Stojiljkovic, a previous individual from the leading group of Serbia’s State Anti-Corruption Agency, told KRIK/OCCRP that Mali’s trek ought to bear some significance with the organization.

“He has the option to go on costly treks, yet the office should check if [such trips] were something he could have financed from his customary salary, or get some information about the wellspring of the cash he used to pay for them.”

KRIK/OCCRP called Mali on his cell phone, yet he didn’t react.

The outing to Rome is the most recent in a progression of models recommending the civic chairman spends more than he authoritatively wins.

During his separation in September 2016, Mali revealed in a court hearing that his kids’ instruction at the International School of Belgrade (ISB) costs €60,000 ($74,223) a year. The ISB is a lofty worldwide school where a large number of Belgrade’s affluent select their youngsters. When clarifying how he paid for his youngsters’ costly training, Mali told a Serbian judge it was paid for by “companions he met abroad who have no association with Serbia.” Mali did not give their names.

In June 2016, Serbia’s State Anti-Corruption Agency saw that Mali’s better half at the time, Marija, had burned through €95,000 ($117,485) beyond what she could legitimately have earned. In a meeting given to KRIK after her separation, Marija Mali said her significant other gave her €95,000 in real money without revealing to her its beginning. Adhering to his guidelines, she at that point paid the cash into her own record and spent it, in her words, “on family needs.”

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Shopping is one of the most favorite hobbies for woman and it can be regarded as the nature of women. It’s a combat between emotional and rational. For woman, they can shop whether it is a window shopping, thrift shopping or shop until you drop. Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology and economy, a new shopping method – shopping online has widely spread among people, especially for women. With shopping online, you can just browse the online stores while enjoying your delicious snacks or drinks.

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Die Wintermonate sind endlich vorbei

Endlich habt ihr euren heiß erträumten Sommerurlaub auf den beliebten Inseln der Südsee gebucht? Oder ihr freut euch auf ein paar unbeschwerte Tage mit eurer Familie zu Hause? Fehlt euch nur noch das vollkommene Badeoutfit für den perfekten Badegenuss im Swimmingpool oder für das entspannte Sonnen im Stadtgarten. Wer seine alten Fabrikate vom vergangenen Jahr gegen die modernen Bikinis von heute eintauschen möchte, entdeckt hier, welches Stück Stoff jetzt trendig ist und welcher Bikini vorzugsweise zu eurem Körper passt!

Boho- Style: Zeitloser Gefährte

Es existieren mittlerweile die verschiedensten Schnittmuster und Designs. Von einfach bis hin zu bunt wie auch freizügig bis kaschierend. Des Öfteren spielt das Urlaubsziel bei der Auswahl der Bademode eine wichtige Rolle. Mit Strandmode im Boho- Stil ist jede weibliche Person fein beraten. Egal, ob in der Karibik oder am Strand von Korfu. Sie ist modisch und ausnahmslos ein absoluter Blickfang.

Bademode im Hippie- Style verzaubert durch junge farbenfrohe Designs, oftmals auch verziert mit Pailletten sowie Stickereien. Sogar Designer wie zum Beispiel Dimitri Panagiotopoulos lassen sich von dem hippen Look inspirieren und erschaffen Modekollektionen mit umwerfenden Mustern und Dekorfinessen.

Für jeden Geschmack und jeden Anlass ist hier deshalb das geeignete Badeoutfit dabei. Sofern die Badesaison sich gemächlich verabschiedet, lassen sich, vor allem bei begehrten Modedesignern, meist günstige Angebote finden. Fehlschlagen kann mit dem Boho- und Ethno- Style nichts, da er uns seit den 70er Jahren kontinuierlich erfreut, was sich auch in Zukunft nicht ändern wird.

Jemand, der den Boho Stil am Strand noch perfektionieren möchte, kann dies durch Accessoires wie Strohhüte, Haargummis oder hübsche Ohrstecker tun. Ansonsten bieten sich farbenfrohe Strandtücher ebenso wie Strohtaschen als Akzent an. Der Boho- Style ist wohl auch gerade deshalb so beliebt, da er uns bei der Kombination enorm viel Freiheit lässt. Ohne Grund ist er bekanntlich nicht das Sinnbild von Leichtigkeit und Lebenslust. Auch unseren Vorfahren war dies bereits bewusst. Sofern ihr folglich völlig modisch sein möchtet, könnt ihr euren Look durch ein passendes Retro-Accessoire komplettieren.

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Monokinis sind ein wahrhaftiger Hingucker am Badestrand oder im Pool. Aus dem Grund, dass der Monokini dermaßen knapp sitzt, sollte man beachten, dass er nichts einschnürt und man die Figur vorteilhaft in Szene setzt. Es gibt glücklicherweise ein breites Warenangebot an Monokinis, das sämtliche Nuancen und Modelle von locker sowie einfach bis exquisit und schick beinhaltet. Goldbraun gebrannt besticht man am besten mit einem irisierenden, coolen Weiß oder sommerlichen, prächtigen Tönenn wie beispielsweise Koralle.

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A proprietor may discover landowner building protection very basic without understanding the requirement for rented property protection. There is a distinction between the two. A leased protection will cover your advantages or substance in the rental unit. Then again, a structure protection covers your property remotely and not for its substance. Henceforth, there is a requirement for such protection to defend the substance in a leased unit. As a landowner, you ought not disregard lease protection of your property.

An inhabitant can likewise get an inclusion under occupants content protection. In the event that, an occupant harms the substance of a proprietor while he is dwelling in the leased house, the odds are the landowner will take the expenses of fix from your store. So as to shield this store paid to the landowner, you can benefit an inhabitant content protection at an insignificant cost.

Now and again, a mortgage holder’s protection approach won’t be extensive enough. It may not cover harm brought about by regular fiasco or harm to craftsmanship or loss of or robbery of adornments over a specific sum. In such cases, you need an additional spread and leased protection on property will help if your home is in high hazard zone for tremors, flood, fire or others.

Leased Insurance on Property is otherwise called let Insurance on Property or rented Insurance on Property. At the point when a proprietor does not dwell in the region of his property let out, he will chance his property. As an inhabitant may harm his property and its structures. What’s more, it is basic to cover everything directly from apparatuses and fittings to loss of lease. Let Insurance on Property cooks for private just as business let property, not at all like other protection which covers just private property. This could include occasion homes or vacant properties, understudy let outs, DSS and refuge searchers.

Let Insurance on Property is a far reaching spread which covers proprietor’s structures or potentially substance protection just as occasion homes. A proprietor would have put a heavy some in his structure and giving it a chance to out to a subsequent gathering would imperil his venture and thus his speculation requires insurance, property proprietor utilizes his property as an additional wellspring of salary and that pay needs security. Such property protection inclusion is fundamental to any proprietor wanting to let out his property.

It is additionally seen that a UK occasion home protection approaches and other home arrangements spread, contrast in two different ways, right off the bat when the property is abandoned and the other being resources and individual belongings. This is notwithstanding, excluded in the occasion home protection. Peruse the terms and states of any protection approach and afterward pick the correct one.

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What is Guaranteed Rent

Ensured Rent – How Does It Work?

Is it accurate to say that you are a Landlord attempting to fill their properties?

At that point the Guaranteed Rental Income may sound unrealistic, however inside the private segment renting can offer no voids, no office expenses, no support issues, and some more.

Inside the committees and lodging affiliations the plans being offered to take on exclusive properties to lease to individuals who are truly in lodging need, Tony Blair’s promise in 2004 was that no vagrant would in any case be living in an inn for over about a month.

Private area leasing functions admirably on the grounds that all members profits by this plan, the nearby boards which will dependably have a huge interest to give lodging. All sort of measured families in urgent requirement for convenience in the territories that they would need to live in, while the Landlords receive the rewards of a long haul pay for their ventures. It will likewise be imperative to examine on Landlords Building Insurance could demonstrate to be valuable.

More details about garantie loyer

Presently here’s the predicament, as the Landlord you should focus on the plan for at any rate two years. Considering the rental salary may not be as high as though you were on the open market, as the Landlord you would have no control or state on who leases your property. It is likewise hard to leave the understanding without a notice period, additionally could be chaotic on the off chance that you are encountering budgetary issues and need to sell the property. Many associations including property the executives organizations, publicize for properties. Landowners have been known to approach their local or neighborhood lodging affiliation, gathering. Investigation into Landlord Rental Insurance can likewise be useful particularly if the agreement doesn’t go in an excess of detail.

Cellar and Studio pads aren’t reasonable for the private part, due to having a terrible security rating and the absence of floor space. Presently there are no set generally runs, over the UK the plans change in detail. Alright so in light of the fact that there are no real explicit prerequisites, it is insightful to fit a five-switch mortise lock on every single outside entryway, incorporated smoke alerts, window locks, hand rails on stairs.

As a rule as the Landlord you would need to give the ground surface, however it appears to be most committee’s incline toward empty properties. Which would be an or more that you don’t need to unit out your property, a so the rental pay would regularly be around 10 – 20 percent underneath the business sectors rates.

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In my experience coming from an internet marketing standpoint, I will admit working from home is not as easy as everyone makes it out to be. You have a routine you must follow everyday with advertising and converting your prospects into sales. However, if you have someone with experience to help mentor you until you have this method down then the possibilities are truly endless. You can control how much or how little you make with your business.

2 reasons people fail internet businesses

1. I see many people once they start with a new business online they work at it for a bit and when they don’t see the results they were promised right away then they quite and go back to whatever job they were doing before. This happens to 99% of people that join internet businesses because they lack motivation, persistence and the patience it takes to get to the end result they really want. I know it’s easy to get discouraged when you have put so much of your time into something and you are not rewarded for it. I have been there many times. Although dealing with that I have learned a very valuable lesson and that is your efforts will pay off as long as you don’t give up and you keep focusing on your end result.

2. Another reason people don’t succeed online is because they will join a business thinking they are going to get rich tomorrow and when they don’t they jump to another business and they keep doing this spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Instead if they would have spent all their time and energy they were using up going from business to business with out any success and focused only on that first great opportunity they started with. This would have resulted in receiving hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

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First of all, for those who somehow do not know by now what, Perfect Wealth Formula is, let me acquaint you.

The highly acclaimed Perfect Wealth Formula teaches you, in the most detailed and precise way, about one of the most powerful marketing strategies and traffic generating systems on the net to start making money online.

Being a part of the Perfect Wealth Formula or owning all its e-books does not necessarily make you earn tons of money online. So the big question is: What makes the big different between the top earner, the just breaking even guy and the looser, when everybody gets the same information?

The answer is: It is YOU! It is you and your team you are working with but mainly you.

Let me explain why.

Perfect Wealth Formula programs will teach you everything you need to know about professional online marketing. You will learn how to generate endless traffic from free or paid sources, how to set up efficient pay per click ads, which markets to use and when, finding and using the right keywords, creating classified ads and using article directories. Simply stated, how you can start making money online. The best part of the experience is, it does not get boring. Using Camtasia Studio they provide their students with tons of short and theme specific videos which make the material easy to understand and entertaining at the same time. And a depth selection of down loadable e-books will form your own online library where nothing is left out.This library will help you market and sell anything online to build your monetary wealth and an outstanding top home business where you can make tons of money online.

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It does not matter how perfect the provided material is. If your effort and your interest are not focused on your target, you will not achieve it. So, fix your mind to the goal and do not give in until you have arrived at where you want to be.

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”(Napoleon Hill)

A really perfect way to boost up your self motivation and learn how to set reachable targets and goals is taking advantage of this free online course provided by simple-ology, where you can start changing your life with taking a online seminar as little as 15 minutes a day. With help of easy language and a some fun graphics you can learn in no time how to achieve your goals. I will go in more details about this later.

Another very important aspect is to choose the right partners. We all know, or have learned one way or another, that working and studying by yourself takes a lot of self motivation. The momentum of a group, working towards a common goal, is very inspiring. Therefore, it is also necessary to build the right team to work with. It is easier to become a success if you are in the company of successful people. Choose people who already have the knowledge and the drive to bring wealth and success to you as well.

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Online Business and Make Money

It was a nice warm sunny Saturday morning when I stepped outside, Mrs Savage next door was hanging her washing out and her dog bouncer, a kind of grey overweight ball of greyish Fluff, started licking my hand through the fence like he did every morning.

Just as I was pondering when to go and kick my airfloater ball against the garage door, my dad came out with a big grin on his face saying, “right son, on you hop I’m going to teach you how to ride a bike today! “

Oh by the way at this point I must point out that I was five, so I was horrified when I saw my new bike with… STABILISERS… my mate Joe up the road was already riding without them, how bad would it look if I went past his house with those on.

Uncontrollable tears had started as my Dad picked me up, carefully placed me on the bike and started pulling me along the street towards the green nearby. I could pedal straight away with a guiding hand from my dad… but oh no… that wasn’t good enough and I complained & cried all the way.

The same happened for a week, fair play to my Dad he didn’t give up until by the following weekend I was actually riding the bike, OK with the very uncool stabilisers but I think that I had got away with it and nobody had seen me yet!

Then the following Saturday… THE BIG DAY… the stabilisers came off!!!! Dad gently pushed me away and I was away, I WAS RIDING… I was so excited I forgot to turn the handlebars & CRASHED straight into a metal bin, but it didn’t matter because I could RIDE, basically I never gave up.

So you might think, what the hell has this got to do with getting started online and making money!

We all have to go through a process and be guided by the right people to show us the correct way to approach something no matter how uncomfortable it maybe or how silly you may look (reference the stabilisers!)

One of the most important areas I have learned over the years is that you need a SYSTEM, not only that but a SYSTEM THAT ACTUALLY WORKS, WITH A PROVEN STEP BY STEP PROCESS.

Which brings me on to the point of this article. (At Last I hear you cry!) With the help of my Mentor, I have produced a simple 5 step process to getting you started out with a proven formula THAT WORKS! I know as I’ve been using it.

Let me ask you a question… do you think you could write a quick 7-15 page report on a subject of your choice? Yes… correct answer!! Did you answer NO?… CONGRATULATIONS you are in the right place to learn anyway!

I have put together an acronym to illustrate this system which is… SMALL:

S – SELECT a suitable market

M – MEASURE interest in your chosen market

A – AUTHOR or ACQUIRE a simple quality report (yes you can get other people to do it for you!)

L – LOOK to rinse & repeat

L – LEVERAGE your assets

In this article I want to concentrate on the first and probably the most important part which is selecting a suitable market, get this wrong and the rest is irrelevant.

Firstly you need to select a group of people “or market” that are proven or potential buyers.

How about I take some of the stress out of identifying a decent market for you!

Below you will find a list of proven evergreen markets that this works for:

Weight Loss, Relationships, Parenting, Personal Growth, Personal Development, Network Marketing, Wealth, Investing, Technology, Hobby Markets, Dating, Pets.

Now you have to be careful, there has been a lot written about tiny niches such as “how to teach your dog to do tricks”, these can work, however you are limited on your income potential. We have found a much better way to get greater results and that IDENTIFY TARGET MARKETS. Here’s how it works:

1. Identify a red-hot proven targeted market

2. Create a simple product to satisfy these customers

3. Setup a simple website to sell the product

4. Set up a pay per click campaign to promote the site

5. Find other niches & repeat the process.


So what exactly should we be doing differently… well thanks for asking! what you have to do is SELECT A MARKET THAT GENERATES MANY MULTIPLE SALES.


So rather than saturating a niche and moving on to another one, offer something else that they want. So if somebody has taken the time to find your site, get excited by your product & buy it, that they are likely to buy from you again as they know & trust you? You bet your ass they will!

Creating these reports is very simple, trust me if I can do it you can, I struggled through CSE English at school!

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