Attractions to Visit in Puglia

Puglia, otherwise called the impact point of the Italian boot: such a mind blowing locale offers beguiling towns and towns, grand design, delicious sustenance, a lot of conventions and fables. Here I need to give you what I consider to be the best 10 goals not to miss when visiting Puglia.


Otranto is a town in the territory of Lecce and is part the Salento zone. It is situated in a harbor along the east coast on the Adriatic Sea and is the easternmost town in Italy. Its little seaport is for the most part utilized for angling action and the travel industry, particularly for the ship administrations to Greece. The city additionally gave its name to the Strait of Otranto, which isolates Italy from Albania.

The old town of Otranto has been pronounced by UNESCO as “Legacy observer to a culture of harmony”.


Alberobello is a little yet trademark town found South East of Puglia in the area of Bari, (amidst The Itria Valley) with a populace of around 10,000 individuals.

Alberobello is arranged on two slopes; the new town is situated on the eastern slope and is described by an advanced design. The western part is involved by the old town (trulli) and the entire zone is partitioned into two areas: Monti and Aia Piccola, both National Monuments. Alberobello is without inquiry a standout amongst the most trademark towns in Italy and is popular for its customarily assembled old stone houses called trulli, (which since 1996 have been named an UNESCO World Heritage site)

Castelana Caves

Castellana Caves (Castellana Grotte) is a community in the region of Bari. The town puts together its economy predominantly with respect to agribusiness and the travel industry. It has an extremely decent noteworthy focus with numerous old structures going back to the seventeenth century. The town interfaces its name fundamentally to the captivating magnificence of its buckles, the biggest and most pleasant complex of collapses Italy and one of the principle traveler goals in Puglia.

Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte is a stronghold situated close Andria, it was worked in the thirteenth century by request of the Frederick II (during the Swabian space in Puglia) and it’s likely the most renowned structures that the Emperor requested to work during his long realm. It has been an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.


Lecce might be known as the Florence of the Baroque. In this masterful propensity in Italy there is nothing that can think about. This is the means by which that the student of history Gregorovius portrayed Lecce. Lecce is the capital of the Lecce area and of the Salento sub-district. Found only 11 Km a long way from the Adriatic Sea and 23Km from the Ionian Sea, it lies amidst fruitful plain, encompassed by appealing wide open, seashore and communities. The city can undoubtedly be come to from Brindisi airplane terminal and it makes the ideal goal for an end of the week break or an occasion as it’s an extraordinary base for investigating the Salento Peninsula.


Gallipoli is an awesome town in the territory of Lecce and is without a doubt an unquestionable requirement find in the Salento region. Its name gets from the first Greek name ‘KalĂ© polis’ signifying ‘wonderful city’. Situated along the Ionian coast, the town is partitioned into two sections: the new and furthermore greater part is of ongoing development and is the place the fundamental open structures and organizations are found. The old piece of the town is on a little walled island associated with the terrain by a sixth century connect. Aside of the scaffold there is the Aragonese Castle, it was worked in the thirteenth century and is one of only a handful couple of manors washed by the ocean.


Gargano, otherwise called the goad of the Italian boot, is a projection (it’s really called the Gargano Promontory) that stretches out into the eastern piece of Puglia and is encompassed by the Adriatic Sea. It is a piece of the area of Foggia and is for the most part involved by the Gargano National Park which was set up in 1991. From a geographical perspective the Gargano is a landmass and is for the most part bumpy (its the most elevated mountain in the locale with a pinnacle of more than one thousands meters), it was at one time an island, is as yet isolated from the territory by a huge level tablelands called Tavoliere delle Puglie. It shares all the more practically speaking with the domain over the ocean than with the remainder of Italy.


Ostuni is a town in the area of Brindisi which has a populace of around 32,000 individuals, however throughout the mid year months this mushrooms to a monstrous 100,000 demonstrating that Ostuni is an absolute necessity see to any visit in Southern Italy. Ostuni is otherwise called “White City” (CittĂ  bianca) in light of the fact that its notable focus is totally painted with white lime. It is a mainstream visitor goal.

San Giovanni Rotondo

San Giovanni Rotondo is a town in the area of Foggia and is additionally part of the Gargano National Park. Celebrated the world over as it houses the remaining parts of St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, a Capuchin minister who lived in the town. The city was established in 1095 on the remaining parts of an antiquated town, which dated back to the sixth century BC, and is situated making a course for the Monte Sant’Angelo (this town was established around the cavern where the Archangel Michael had showed up).

Tremiti Islands

Tremiti Islands is an archipelago made out of five little islands and is found only 20 km from the Northern shore of Gargano. The five islands are: St. Nicholas (San Nicola), St. Domino, Capraia, Cretaccio and the most remote, Pianosa; from a managerial perspective they have a place with the Foggia Province and are likewise part of the Gargano National Park.

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